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What to expect from vendors when it comes to integration.

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Not all vendors are created equal and not all software packages are created equal. Generally though, a vendor does not have your company’s specific interests or specific software packages in mind when it comes to their software.

They typically design their integration services around the easiest common denominator when it comes to integrating with other packages.

Many ERP and project management vendors have a specific software development team that builds custom integrations and custom reports for their own software. Typically, this is to allow outside packages to import data or for a custom-looking report generated from their software. Those same vendors do not usually have a team geared to interface their product in the outbound direction, meaning moving data OUT of their package into another vendor’s.

This is where a systems development team and one or more individuals with systems integration experience becomes very valuable to the organization. They can usually integrate at a much more detailed level, which will match your business process much closer than an outside vendor could.

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