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In the last few years, the pace of technology in construction has exploded and is only getting faster.

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There are many changes that have happened industry-wide, but the proliferation of mobile technology and the widespread availability of fast internet on jobsites are the foundation and enablers of the technology explosion.

In addition to internet access and mobile devices, computing power also doubles about every 2 years, according to Moore’s law. With that doubling comes the ability to process larger and more complex data sets. With the ability to consume more data, vendors can add more instrumentation and do not have to be as conservative with the amount of data their tools generate.

System development teams are there to aide in decision-making, acquisition, implementation, and integration of construction technology systems. With all of the new technology improvements surrounding data, they are also the team generally responsible for interpreting that data and turning it into an asset that the operations and finance teams can leverage.

This is Part 3 of an 18-Part Series

Topics Covered in the Series Include:

  • Risk
  • Starting
  • Mistakes
  • Robotics
  • Applications

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