Building a Systems Development Team - Time & Money

Many software projects are over budget, late, and hard to implement.

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These issues generally boil down to the same root causes, going into a software project with incorrect assumptions, lack of communication within the project, and poor communication of outcomes to the rest of the business. One of the major evils in any project is scope creep.

Construction firms will understand the idea of scope creep, but mitigating it in the context of software development will be very different to what they're used to. In building, the underlying technology generally does not change throughout the life of the project. However, in software, the tools you use when you start a project may be outdated by the time you finish a project.

Lastly, because of the relative newness of the software development field, many supervisory positions don't have the intuitive knowledge to effectively oversee a software project.

This is Part 6 of an 18-Part Series

Topics Covered in the Series Include:

  • Management
  • Balance
  • Clarification
  • Workflow
  • Industry

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