Pulling Knowledge

There are few things that will accelerate career and team development faster than improving learning capability.

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Lean Learning Tools: Pulling Knowledge and Rigorous Feedback and Repetition.

Some thought processes and habits that accelerate learning are:

Succession - There is No One Best Way
As systems become more complex (or V.U.C.A.), such as operating a company or succession planning, there is not a single “One Best Way” that will work in all situations.
8 Factors in Winning at the RFP Stage for CMAR Projects
After developing the opportunity, the Request for Proposal (RFP) is the first gate you have to get through to win a CM @ Risk project. Scoring is different from each project owner but there are eight major factors.
Definitions for The Business of Building
Building a project requires knowledge and skill in using thousands of construction specific definitions, acronyms, and metrics. Building a business including the development of people has its own vocabulary that forms the foundation of communication.