Chris Hodge

Chris Hodge has built a career at the intersection of leadership, business process improvement and technology. Chris began his career working towards an electrical engineering degree then moved quickly into management. He has spent over 20 years in executive leadership roles most recently serving as the President of an employee-owned mechanical contractor. Chris has successfully navigated the critical leadership challenges of rapid growth, adjusting to changing markets, business turnarounds, financing, succession and both sides of M&A.

Chris has consistently leveraged talent and technology to streamline business processes resulting in improved quality, customer experience, efficiency and profitably growth. Since 1984 Chris has been learning and practicing the best-practices in process improvement including methods taught by Deming and Taguchi. Chris has a passion for developing talent and throughout his career he has trained over 550 people in these methods.

As a contractor Chris continued to share his experience with quality improvement methods. Working together as a problem solving group, the team was able to significantly reduce the number of urgent (same day delivery) material orders through improved foreman planning capability and a more efficient communication process. He personally lead a revamp of the company’s technology infrastructure including the core ERP system. This codified and streamlined critical risk management processes including contract review, purchasing and budget controls. He also lead the business improvement team focused on rapidly growing the company’s service and special projects revenue base. The team identified and addressed the gaps in talent, processes and technology and were able to double division revenue within 14 months.

Today Chris leads a small team advising contractors across the United States on how to integrate technology ensuring long-term sustainable growth. Additionally the team has strong development skills excelling in the complex integrations that make a contractor’s technology work seamlessly together.

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