Courtney Stearns

COURTNEY STEARNS helps labor-intensive contractors grow profitably with a holistic focus on improving every part of their business processes from estimating through purchasing and field production supported by talent and technology. Courtney started working with contractors back in 1983, which is when he immediately saw the value of aligning people around effective workflows and leveraging technology for automation and feedback systems.

Since joining D. Brown Management in 2009, Courtney has continued to refine his approach and a set of tools regularly generating labor productivity improvements of 10% or more for our clients. Our approach helps contractors build the future leadership and competencies for continuous improvement, so that they can continue growing profitably well after we are done with our engagement.

When working with contractors, Courtney’s sole focus is in helping them build stronger businesses for the next generation; including sustainable and profitable growth. With that end in mind, his approach to improving labor productivity is heavily integrated with our other specialties. These specialties include talent management, business development, material management, and technology integration as applicable to each client.

With over 30 years in the construction industry, Courtney brings not only expertise but a broad network of industry friends to the contractors he serves, with the result of building better businesses faster.

D. Brown Management helps construction contractors grow profitably.

We believe the construction industry is an integral part of the backbone of our country. We exist to help contractors build stronger businesses for the next generation by leveraging talent, technology, and capital through alignment and transparency.