David Brown

DAVID BROWN is the President of D. Brown Management, an advisory firm dedicated to helping contractors build stronger businesses for the next generation.  David began his career in 1988 as an apprentice electrician and advanced quickly thanks to many great teachers, mentors, managers and industry executives.  David progressed through various positions including foreman, superintendent, and project manager before moving into executive management at an ENR Top 600 contractor performing work in multiple states. 

David’s business philosophy is simple:  Talented people form the foundation of every great company and if you grow people you will grow profits.  He has a passion for operations and loves nothing more than helping unlock talent.  This passion lead to the founding of D. Brown Management in 2005. 

Today, along with a strong team the company serves clients nationwide providing advisory services, training and coaching.  David works closely with clients helping improve their entire project delivery life cycle from project acquisition through close-out including market strategy, talent development, financial controls, procurement and technology.

D. Brown Management helps construction contractors grow profitably.

We believe the construction industry is an integral part of the backbone of our country. We exist to help contractors build stronger businesses for the next generation by leveraging talent, technology, and capital through alignment and transparency.