Balancing Health and Wealth

There is no bigger variable in our general health--physical and mental--than having a good, stable income.

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As more states go into lockdown, please make sure that all leaders in your company are effectively weighing out the balance of short-term vs. longer-term health.  

COVID-19: Ensure a balanced response for yourself and your team. Wealth and health.

There is no bigger variable in our general health--physical and mental--than having a good, stable income.    

Figure out everything you can do to keep your people reasonably safe on the jobsites and working to support those operations remotely.  

Remember that the intent of all city, county, and statewide lockdown orders is not to shut down the economy, but to slow the spread of COVID-19 to a manageable rate. If contractors can find a way to meet that intent while minimizing loss of income to the fullest extent possible, that will be better for the contractor, team, and country

Contractors that are required to bolster hospital capacity and keep water flowing must find a way to keep working safely. We must take these best practices and implement them across all other sites. Contractors can and should lead the way.  

Communication is the key. Engage your team, customers, suppliers, and others you work with in this dialog about balance. 

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