We Are Americans

We are Americans.

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This is the first thing we must focus on as we lead through the many challenges we will face individually, as families, as businesses, and as communities coping with COVID-19 and the very likely financial fall-out that will follow.

Leadership Tools for COVID-19: Quote: And so, my fellow Americans: Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. John F. Kennedy.

We must learn from the wisdom in the lessons of history.  

JFK used these words in 1961 as he was talking about the threat of nuclear war that could reset humans to the dark ages:

A nuclear threat is not 100% gone, but thanks to the collaborative work and sacrifice of many people over many decades, it is much less of a threat today than it was at that time. 

This too will pass. And this too will change how we think and act in the world.  

The faster we start communicating, collaborating, and making the right sacrifices together, the faster this will pass.   

  • We must get very clear about separating needs from wants.  
  • We must get comfortable leading ourselves and others in uncharted waters.
  • We must consider the downstream consequences of our decisions.  
  • We must ignore the communications and actions that are focused on blame, politics, and turf.  
  • We must know that a sacrifice that doesn’t hurt us also doesn’t truly help others.  
  • We must know that judging by outcomes, honest mistakes can appear to be ill-intent.
  • We must give each other grace and trust that each is doing the best we can.  
  • We must work together and have a positive attitude.  

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