Resource - Elevating Construction Superintendents (General Contractors)

Elevating Construction Superintendents by Jason Schroeder is our most recommended book for Superintendents, Project Managers, and Senior Leadership at all GCs along with top leadership at any specialty contractors with a field workforce of 50+ people.

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The shortage of experienced talent in the construction industry is hitting the role of Superintendent for General Contractors extremely hard - and it will get substantially worse through 2030. Elevating Construction Superintendents and the hundreds of resources provided by Jason and Elevate Construction team are a crucial part of that mitigation plan. 


Elevating Construction Superintendents provides the perfect combination of the holistic view of the superintendent role:

  1. As an individual, family member, and community member
  2. As the leader of a construction project including safety, quality, cost, schedule, and customer satisfaction
  3. As a developer of others in their direct and indirect sphere of influence


The book is broken down extremely well:

  1. Context and mission for the superintendent role
  2. 33 principles to build from
  3. 49 specific development steps
  4. Tactical tools to use including project audits
  5. Additional resources

This book can easily be used as the foundation for company-wide training programs and individual development plans. 

Supplementing the book are hundreds of resources on the Elevate Construction website from Leader Standard Work (LSW) for Superintendents to effective job trailer setup and subcontractor evaluation tools


The Elevate Construction podcast has 800+ episodes on a wide range of topics including a complete version of this book (Audible, Apple, Spotify). Direct links to specific episodes on Spotify for this book:

372 Elevating Construction Superintendents - Introduction

The Guiding Principles
373 Elevating Construction Superintendents - Part 1
374 Elevating Construction Superintendents - Part 2
375 Elevating Construction Superintendents - Part 3
376 Elevating Construction Superintendents - Part 4

The Steps to Get There
377 Elevating Construction Superintendents - Period 1
378 Elevating Construction Superintendents - Period 2
379 Elevating Construction Superintendents - Period 3
380 Elevating Construction Superintendents - Conclusion



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