Executive Briefing for Contractors - Leading Through Stages of Growth and Changing Markets

Leadership matters the most in times of uncertainty. Prepare your team for the continually changing markets, competitive landscape, and the changes that come with growth.

Team Selected Based on the Best Fit for Your Needs Profile Picture Team Selected Based on the Best Fit for Your Needs
2-3 Hours Scheduled to Fit Your Needs

How well is your team prepared for the changes all contractors go through at different stages of growth combined with constantly changing markets? Unify your team with this 2-3 hour online briefing and facilitation tailored specifically for your company.
Learning Objectives

Who Should Attend

All Contractors - Specifically tailored for your business.

  • Owners
  • Key Executives
  • Emerging Business Managers
Contractors Executive Briefing. Prepare for Profitable Growth in All Economic Conditions. External Trends + Actionable Tactics Tailored for Your Business and Team.


There are continual changes in the external market and every contactor is impacted by some of them to some degree. Our focus is on tailoring this briefing specifically to what will be most impactful with your team at your current stage of growth. External environment trends include:

  1. Economic outlook - both as a whole and localized to geographies and market sectors.
  2. Talent shortages, retention, and development challenges at both the craft and management levels
  3. Technology integration into every aspect of construction from the earliest stages of design through construction, operations, and maintenance of projects
  4. Capital markets for financing of both projects and acquisitions leading to greater consolidation.
  5. Supply chain
  6. Off-site fabrication and modularization
  7. Evolving project delivery methods
  8. Increasing government regulation including labor, environment, safety, building codes, permitting, and taxes. 

Some of these things are relatively stable on which you can build your strategic foundation - others are changing more rapidly and must be dealt with through your tactics, business plans, and execution. 


Compounding the myriad of external factors, every contractor navigates through various stages of growth. 

Headcount, Stages of Growth, and Growth Inflection Points for Construction Contractors - At approximately every tripling of headcount there are major changes that need to be made to the systems and structure of an organization. Additionally, strategies often need to be adjusted for continued sustainable growth. Leading change is difficult at best. Not changing is far worse.


We are best at helping contractors navigate critical inflection points in their growth. We exist to help contractors build stronger businesses for the next generation by leveraging talent, technology, and capital through alignment and transparency.

Every contractor is already aware of all the industry-wide changes, along with the myriad of “normal” challenges faced by every growing contractor. These changes are continuing to create amazing opportunities for those contractors that can capitalize on them; many others will be left behind. Today’s dominant contractors will not necessarily be dominant in tomorrow’s market.

These challenges have all been successfully navigated before. There is nothing truly new under the sun. Build upon the foundation of your experience with our lessons-learned, tools, tactics, problem-solving capabilities, and relationships to accelerate your growth. Collaboration creates exceptional contractors.


Inquire about Private Training tailored specifically for your company. Executive Briefing.

Rapid-Fire Format for Idea Generation and Reinforcement

There is no one-size-fits-all formula. Every contractor, team, and market has different dynamics. As we tailor this briefing specifically for your team, it will be based on:

  • Our individual experiences in the field and as contractors
  • Lessons learned working with hundreds of contractors across the United States
  • Experience of the many other experts in the construction industry 
  • Experience of many other leaders and organizations outside the construction industry

The most important objective of this session is that you pick out the ideas that will impact your team the most at this time and focus on executing them. 



  1. Initial conversation to determine if this is the right fit for your company.  
  2. Planning meeting (online 60-90 minutes)
    • Structured but rapid review of your business to prioritize the session around what will have the biggest impact for you.  
    • Who should participate from both of our teams.
    • When is the best time to schedule the training.
  3. Tailor the training specifically for your company which may include some minor requests for additional information.  
  4. Training and facilitation session (online; 2-3 hours)
  5. Follow-up call after 30 days to see how the ideas are being implemented and provide guidance on any additional challenges.  


All relationships start with a simple conversation. Let's schedule time to talk confidentially about your specific situation to see if this is a fit. 

D. Brown Management helps construction contractors grow profitably.

We believe the construction industry is an integral part of the backbone of our country. We exist to help contractors build stronger businesses for the next generation by leveraging talent, technology, and capital through alignment and transparency.