Leveraging Service and Special Projects for Profitable Growth

From Commodity to Contractor of Choice: Leverage a $1,200 service call into a $15,000 per year service agreement into a $250K special project into a $3M negotiated project. Repeat. Learn the strategies, tactics, and tools for building a strong SSP business.

2.5 Hours 9:00 AM PST

Forward thinking contractors embrace the idea of unlocking growth opportunities by leveraging Service and Special projects as the key drivers. However, there are a number of challenges associated with getting the entire team to appreciate this strategy.
Learning Objectives

  • How to evaluate your Service and Special Projects across 7 critical factors
  • How to differentiate between the roles of marketing, business development, and account management
  • How to look at your market and competition to develop a winning market strategy
  • How to quantify and prioritize improvements to your Service and Special Projects
Who Should Attend

  • Geared Toward Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (MEP) Contractors
  • Owners and Executives
  • Leadership from Service and Special Projects
  • Leadership from Large Construction Projects
  • Estimating
  • Business Development
  • Marketing
Leveraging Service And Special Projects For Profitable Growth

How can contracting businesses thrive in a volatile construction market, build and maintain great relationships with clients over the long-term while addressing major challenges caused by the talent shortage and economic fluctuations?

Many contractors look at their service and special project divisions as “necessary evils,” while other contractors have found that systematically building your Service and Special projects in a fashion that aligns perfectly with large construction work is the “secret sauce” for sustainable growth. This interactive workshop will review specific approaches and provide some tools that help you and your team pragmatically identify the opportunities and begin building a roadmap that will lead to sustainable growth for your entire organization.

Forward thinking contractors embrace the idea of being a long-term partner with customers, rather than a commodity based on the lowest cost. There are significant growth opportunities that reduce risk and build loyalty by leveraging Service and Special projects as the key drivers. While most would agree that this sounds nice, many operate their Service and Special Project groups as a commodity, concerned more about the lowest price rather than the greatest value. This workshop will show you how successful contractors can align their team around “pulling through” the value-add of your service and special project team, to the construction team, and back again.

  • Identify the current state of your Service and Special Projects opportunity, including the key elements of Market Strategy and Positioning.
  • Present strategies that ensure your entire team can tell the story of your company’s value add to any customer.
  • Learn how to quantify the value add to customers and calculate the cost of inaction to your organization.
  • Quickly determine how to lead customers to efficiently execute the next steps.
  • Understand the “Pull-Through” dynamics between Service, Special Projects, and Large Construction Projects and how they accelerate profit and sustainable growth.
  • Determine how you compare to your competition in the mind of your customer.
  • Use straight-forward tools provided in the workshop to quantify the value of improvements made to operations and business development processes.


Inquire about Private Training tailored specifically for your company. SSP.

The value of training cannot be measured by cost alone.  It must be measured by the impact it has on your team and ultimately, the results produced.  Depending on your situation, private training tailored specifically for your company may have the best return. 

  • Integration of metrics, terminology, pictures, projects, examples, and other specifics for your company and the markets you compete in.  
  • Group exercises designed to help with your biggest priorities.  
  • Integration of other content from across all our training and development programs used with our retainer clients based on your specific needs. 
  • Delivery times from 1-4 hours, on-site or online.
  • Follow-up sessions designed to ensure progress is being made.
  • Development of a multi-part training program to accelerate development of your team.

Cost varies based on the level of tailoring, location, and scheduling.  Please schedule a conversation to see if private training could be the best option for your company.



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