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We are invested in our clients and their success by all measures.

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We exist to help contractors build stronger businesses for the next generation by leveraging talent, technology, and capital. A key measure of that success is profitable growth in all economic conditions.

Our target outcomes for advisory clients are 2-3X industry benchmarks including safety and risk.

Our Results: Profitably Growth in All Economic Conditions.


In the Great Recession of 2007-2008, most of our clients grew throughout. Sadly; a few did not. We learned a lot of valuable lessons from that experience and have grown stronger. During COVID-19, we applied many of those lessons-learned and all of our clients navigated those challenges effectively. 

We take pride in the ownership successions we've helped structure. Our approach is on having the right leadership talent in place post-transaction because profitable growth and strong cash flow are what ultimately pays for the transaction.  

Our target outcome for successions is that an already well-performing business continues to improve performance post-transaction creating security and returns for both the outgoing and incoming owners.


No matter how we are compensated for our services, we will act as if we are an equity partner in your business. We believe in strategic market choices supported by aggressive business and talent development balanced with deliberate operations and conservative financial management.

This focus is what ultimately improves every element of the Contractor Business ModelScoreboard. and helps contractors navigate each Stage of Growth


Sustainable Growth through Balanced Execution.  


Every contractor's vision, team, and situation are unique; we understand that. We tailor our experience, relationships, tools and training specifically for your business


All relationships begin with a simple conversation.

Please reach out and schedule time to talk about your vision, your business, your team, and your challenges. Together, we can explore opportunities for growth and see if there is fit.

All about D. Brown Management: Our Mission. Our Promises. Our Principles. Our Approach. OUR RESULTS: Profitable growth in all economic conditions....

All about D. Brown Management: Our Mission. Our Promises. Our Principles. Our Approach. OUR RESULTS: Profitable growth in all economic conditions....

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