Planning and Preparing for Unknowns

Rigorous scenario planning with your team is what’s required right now to ensure everyone is agile and aligned in their decision making.

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When faced with many unknowns, it is important to plan and prepare for multiple scenarios while holding off on being decisive until the last responsible moment.

COVID-19: Planning and Preparing for Unknowns. Dwight D. Eisenhower speaking to his troops, preparing for battle.

“Deciding with Speed and Conviction” is one of the four specific behaviors demonstrated by high performing CEOs, based on studies of over 17,000 assessments of C-Level executives    

“Good CEOs realize that a wrong decision may be better than no decision at all.” - HBR What Sets Successful CEOs Apart 

The second specific behavior is “Engaging for Impact.”

There will be many challenges and opportunities facing contractors in the next few weeks, months, and years. Ensure that your team thrives in this environment.  

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