Teamwork - The Five Foundational Stages to Results

Construction is the most complex TEAM sport there is and the teams that work best together win. It is that simple.

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Leadership Tools: Teamwork is the foundation of all sustainable success. Quote: Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships. Michael Jordan

Patrick Lencioni in his book The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team describes the elements of a great team:

  • Trust forms the foundation upon which everything else is built. If each team member does not deeply trust the other then the rest of the pyramid is weak. Learn more about what trust really means and how to diagnose and improve it across all relationships. 
  • Constructive Conflict is crucial for success in business and on projects. Teams will not be open about problems or engage in active discussions if they don’t have a foundation of trust.
  • Commitment is something that is talked about a lot but without the foundation of Trust, and then when going through the process of Constructive Conflict, team members will often passively commit.  
  • Accountability to each other and the commitment to hold each other accountable for behaviors and actions that help meet the commitments. Again, this element is often focused on but without the foundational layers, true accountability does not exist. 
  • Results is what everyone is looking for but a myopic focus on results won’t make them happen.  Teams must build the strong foundation that makes the top-out of the building possible. These results start at the job description level and are integrated with the overall contractor's scoreboard


Going Further

Definition - Capacity
How Much of something (capability) a person, team, or company handle. Consider this in ranges of comfortable (sustainable) and peak (sprints).
Aligning Career and Company Trajectories
Alignment of the people and job roles within a contracting business is what creates the synergies (1+1=3). Alignment of career and business trajectories is what makes both sustainable.
Aligning Projects and People
The business of building is largely about aligning projects and people. Contractors exist to build projects. People design and build the projects. The management team, structure, and systems bring it all together.