Cash Flow Tip 14 - Aggressive Billings and Pre-Wiring the Process

A basic Schedule-of-Values (SOV) with flat billings and normal collection processes will yield about a 30% return on capital over the first 12 months of a project when looking at it from a cash basis.

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This is in the average-high range for contractors, depending on type.  

Cash Flow: Tip 14 Aggressive Billings - Pre-Wiring for Success. From a 12-month 31% return-on-capital at risk which is the high-average for contractors up to a 49% or greater return. Punch-as-You-Go Ensuring Maximum Monthly Billings Percentage of Completions “Sold” Ahead of Billing Change Order Approvals Contractually Required Support Documents Verified Early

Our focus is helping contractors achieve performance in the upper end of their peers, including cash flow. Look at the differences that aggressive management of every aspect of billings can make:


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