OrgDev (Benchmarks, Trends, Forecasts, and Predictions)

The construction industry is fueled by talent. These benchmarks, trends, forecasts, and predictions are a starting point to help you make crucial decisions about your most finite resource.

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Organizational Development (OrgDev) Benchmarks, Trends, Forecasts, and Predictions including Craft Labor Shortages, Retirements, Demographics, Culture, Training, Compensation, and Benefits

This is not meant to be a complete list but rather a starting point as you develop your own internal and external information systems to support strategic decisions and major resource allocations. 

We will continually update this list but it isn't practical or helpful to have an exhaustive list as it would be information overload. Please contact us to schedule time to talk about the specifics of your company, your current information decisions, and the decisions you are working to make. We will openly share anything we can to help. 

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