Production Tracking - Having Fun and Winning

Contractors will get the most out of their teams by building a culture around the fun of the construction game and how good winning feels.

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The toys many of us played with as kids all had to do with building things, cool equipment, cranes, etc.  Regardless of whether it is a video game, baseball or skateboarding we all loved the feeling of both playing the game well and winning.  

Field Productivity: Production Tracking, Having fun and winning. Imagine sporting events without a scoreboard.

Somewhere along the way from early childhood to adulthood many people lost that joy of winning.  That has a negative impact on personal productivity and more importantly our rates of depression are up.  Simon Sinek does a great job of explaining: 

Jack Stack reminds us in the Great Game of Business that people disagree on all sorts of things but the one thing that 100% of the people agree upon is that winning is better than losing.  

Without differentiation there can be no true winning or the inner confidence that is built from doing what it takes to win consistently.

Production Tracking and measuring schedule performance are two great ways to help crews learn to win.  It is up to the leadership to make that game fun by celebrating often and providing great coaching.

The business and the act of construction is amazingly challenging and fun.  We need to create the energy level we are use to at sporting events. That responsibility starts with the front-line supervisor in the field.  

How fun are you making your project?

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