CMAR and the ENR Top 400

The Construction Management-At-Risk (CMAR) project delivery method is one of the most popular for the top general contractors.

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A look at the 2018 ENR Top 400

CM at Risk: The ENR Top 400 in 2018.
  • The ENR Top 400 General Contractors accounted for $338B worth of work in the US, which is about 27% of the total US Construction Market of $1.2T
  • The Top 400 used CMAR on 43% of their projects overall. 
  • The Top 25 of those contractors used CMAR 51% of the time.
  • Those with 75% or more of their work classified as general building work used CMAR 61% of the time.

  • 100 of the Top 400 used CMAR over 75% of the time.  

  • These 400 contractors represent only 4.5% of the total GCs in the US with revenues over $10M. 

Whether you are a General Contractor or Specialty Contractor, you can build a competitive advantage and extend the time horizon of your work conversion cycle by improving your CMAR delivery capabilities.  

Learn more about how to leverage CMAR as a growth strategy.

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